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Salman(The reality searcher)

Try to get it!

From time to time I like to shed the light on one of the characters of the Islamic History. Salman was a very important character in the Islamic History. HE was known as the reality searcher. He spent 20 years of his life searching for reality. He is Not Arabic. He is Persian. HIS life is an adventure worth reading. I COPIED an article about his life. I HOPE you will enjoy reading.

It was before noon. Some Muslims sat in Prophet’s Mosque waiting for Azan (call to prayer) to say noon prayer. Salman entered mosque and greeted his believing brothers.
The Muslims wanted to know the Persian man’s tribe. They mentioned their tribes loudly to let Salman hear them .One of them said:

I belong to Tamim’s tribe.
Another said:
I belong to the Quraish.
A third said:
I belong to al-Aus tribe.

And so on. But Salman was…

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