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A Second Viewing

ABC of Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page

A conversation I just had with The C.C…….. Thursday 26 March 2020

Our dearest is concerned, Dear Hearts. And what is she concerned about? Our dearest is concerned about her lack of fear; indeed she is, Dear Ones. And why is she concerned about her lack of fear? Our dearest is concerned that her lack of fear will be considered a lack of compassion and understanding of the situation faced upon the Fantasy of Earth currently. And this we have to say to our dearest.

It is a lack of fear that has enabled you to remain buoyant, happy and fresh of mind throughout the experience, dearest. Without this lack of fear you would be as the majority experiencing the current troubles. Would you not?…….

We continued to converse and as we did I was reminded of a post I published in regard to fear. I would like to place…

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